Transforming Lives & Community

The Auckland Dream Centre is a non-profit charitable organisation, reaching out to find and fill the needs of the youth, individuals and families of Aotearoa.

We do this through Youth Care Services, Community Engagement and Transformation, Mentorship Programmes, Street Outreach to the unsheltered community of Auckland, Educational support and our Foodbank and Clothing Outreach. Meeting people where they are at to bring hope & restoration back into their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect broken people to a community of support by providing free resources and services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, abuse, education and human trafficking. A large focus of our mahi also includes wrap around youth care services in partnership with Oranga Tamariki.

How We Do It

Dream Centre staff playing basketball with community children

Youth Care Services

Our purpose is to find and fill the needs of youth in Aotearoa, so that our young people know they are valued, redeemed, cared for, transformed, empowered and supported.

The Auckland Dream Centre does this through 24/7 live-in youth care and wrap-around services for youth referred by Oranga Tamariki. The services involve life skills training, youth mentoring, wellbeing and fitness, foster care intervention, counselling and community engagement and transformation. Meeting people where they are at to bring hope & restoration back into their lives. Youth in our care contribute back to community through active participation working alongside us meeting the needs that will bring meaningful engagement towards transformation.

Dream Centre community dinner

Youth Mentoring

We have a dedicated team of Dream Centre Mentors focused on helping children/youth who are struggling with complex home situations and/or facing disciplinary actions. Generally these young people have been brought to our attention by the NZ Police Youth team, Oranga Tamariki or schools in our Adopt-a-Block communities.

We work with whanau and provide a “buddy" for the young person in crisis, who helps them to consider more positive choices and aids in the process of restoration. The result is a workable outcome for youth, whanau and community.

Dream Centre community dinner


Adopt-A-Block is a volunteer-driven community outreach that finds the needs and heals the hurt. Adopt-A-Block activities include school beautification projects, food distribution, clothing giveaways, neighbourhood clean-ups, sport and wellbeing programmes, budgeting advice, medical health checks, consultation and more.

Dream Centre street outreach

Street Outreach

"We get to serve" is a mandate that Dream Centre Volunteers thrive off as they serve the people of our city that find refuge on the streets of our city and those that are dealing with substance abuse. We have teams that consistently serve and minister to our unsheltered community.

The Street outreach teams are able to meet the immediate needs with food and hot drinks but also share vital information about The Dream Centre’s programs and services and the love of Jesus.

Dream Centre Foodbank box on community doorstep


The Dream Centre Foodbank Resource community engagement through our Adopt a Block Outreach, by providing food parcels and pre-cooked meals to families and individuals in need within our reach.

Dream Centre Clothing Outreach

Clothing Outreach

Along with our Foodbank, The Clothing Outreach resources our community engagement programmes. Our usual monthly distribution of 3000 articles of free clothing to the various Adopt-a-Block communities with the goal of meeting a need.


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